Zizzy Spice

Age: 25
Height: 5'1"

Zizzy is a spicy chef and bard! As an ex-poacher she is decent with a bow, often going on hunts in search of exotic meats to test new recipes on.

She is rather feisty and will likely throw her frying pan at you if you insult her cooking! Whimsical and carefree, when relaxing with friends she might pull out her violin to play a tune.


♫ Pow Pow Kittens is an alternative rock band consisting of Zizzy and Maven. They often play medleys mixing popular songs together! Come see them at their next show!


Time till next show

    Pow Pow Kittens

    The Cat's PAW

    A secret kitchen to taste Zizzy's experimental recipes.
    By invitation only. Coming Soon!